Bamboo Fences Black Natural

Code : BB70

Description :

Bamboo Fences Black and Natural
Code Art No : BB70

Bamboo Fencing : Bamboo fencing, Bamboo Fence, Bamboo Fences is an outstanding premium quality hardwood fence manufactured from aged poles, cured and bleached then internally wired at 300mm spacing. This provides semi rigid rolls that are simply unwound to attach over an existing fence or a frame.

Peerless bamboo fencing is now accepted as one of the world,s finest fencing products that are easily installed in most domestic and commercial applications, either interior or exterior.

The rigid frame style fence panels are bordered with split poles that support the internal panel.
The fences usually come as a Raw/Untreated product however some fences may already have a factory applied light clear coat on them.

To extend the life of a fence when used outdoors it,s vital to use a UV Clear Coat. Apply a coat before erection, then re-coat annually. This preservation method will extend the life of the fence. We highly recommend using Crystal Paints bamboo coatings. Please refer to our Contact Us page for their details.